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Bassam Kurdali

English, العربية

Bassam is a US based 3D animator and filmmaker from Damascus, Syria.

As a commercial artist he has done various advertisements, promotional and industrial visualization videos for industries, including green energy, medical and biotech firms. He teaches, writes and lectures around the world on open production and free software technique.

Pablo Vázquez

English, Español

Pablo is a freelance artist-teacher penguin from Patagonia.

Currently he is traveling around the globe going to studios, universities and conferences. Sometimes as freelance artist, sometimes for consultancy work, or teaching on workshops, since he is a BFCT (Blender Foundation Certified Trainer).

Sebastian König

English, Deutsch

Sebastian is a Blender freelancer from Leipzig (Germany), focusing on different areas. His main tool is Blender, which he uses for almost all his work. He is doing modelling for 3d printing and visualization, as well as matchmoving and compositing.

He has worked for the Blender Foundation's recent Open Movie "Tears of Steel" as matchmoving and compositing artist.

Being a Blender Foundation Certified Trainer he also does training for beginners and advanced users, for universities, private students as well as companies. He has given courses all over the world, in Amsterdam, Sofia, Brasil, Leipzig and other places, so traveling is not a problem.

Kjartan Tysdal

English, Norsk

Kjartan has worked as 3D artist and animator for several years in a Norwegian studio and has worked on the Open Movie production Tears of Steel. He has done freelance work for architecture and television.

Daniel Salazar

English, Spanish

After many years of dreaming, eating, talking and living Blender, which coincidentally made him a bit unpopular with the cool kids, young Daniel remained fascinated with the impressive variety of tasks available to the digital artist.

It was until later, after working in a series of studio environments that he started to see the benefits of specialization. Daniel is now a fanatic technical artist focusing in the areas of rigging, rendering, digital compositing and overall all-free software studio pipeline.

Olivier Amrein

English, Français, 普通話

Generalist 3D artists located in Switzerland. He has worked and has given presentations in the following countries: Switzerland, China, Netherland, Venezuela, Brazil, Russia.

He gives presentations and workshops in both English and French and has pipeline design and TD experience.


Blender Support is a commercial training and consulting collective, offering services related to the Free and Open Source software Blender.
Our ultimate goal is to provide the best training and support experience possible. In order to achieve this target, we offer a free individual assessment of your needs and match you with the trainers and consultants that fit you best.
Personal training has an hourly rate of 90US$. Discounts may apply in case of bulk purchases. Company or class training rates are always discussed and negotiated individually.
Once the platform will be up and running, you will be able to register and send a support assessment request. Shortly after, you will be contacted by our support team and we will define your support/training strategy. After that, you will be ready to take the agreed support or training sessions! Super smooth!